Geary of War: Mosh in May Part 2 – The Journey Continues….

Posted: June 6, 2014 in Geary of War
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Paul pondered but I felt that I’d give him one anyway. The lad deserves some support, as his fledging writing career gathers pace, and what better way than to prologue his ever-expanding journey through Mosh in May. I feel like it might become an annual thing…

I had pondered a grand introduction but i have settled on this. The thrash odyssey continues…
Exodus – Bonded by Blood.
Slaughter – Strappado
Merciless – The Awakening.
I have a confession. I was, at the time of writing, unable to listen to ‘Bonded by Blood’. Spotify, my primary means of music resource did not have it. I did however listen to ‘Let There Be Blood’, the 2008 rerecording featuring Rob Dukes on vocals. I was already a fan of this incarnation of Exodus so was quite excited about this album. Needless to say it didn’t disappoint. Highlights included ‘And Then There Will Be None’ and ‘Piranha’. I found this album to be a headbanging beast, filled with all the things that there is to love about thrash. Its been on again more than once. I think that says all that needs to be said.

Slaughter. Very metal band name. Naming your album after a method of torture and death seals the deal. This death tinged offering has a thick tone making it sound very evil indeed. Tip of the cap for naming a track ‘FOD’. It made me laugh. Strappado has the feel of an era in time where genres where being defined. Fear was for pussies. Evidenced with the doom laden stomp in ‘Tortured Soul’. Overall a worthwhile record, energy pours out of it and your head will nod. What else is needed?
If Slaughter took the death metal road then Merciless grabbed the spiked cuffs and hoofed it down the black metal road. With ‘The Awakening’ you can almost hear Vikings. It has groove in places, it’s brutal and it’s a very good record. Not as catchy as others; you wont wake up with a tune in your head but will never regret sticking it on.

The next three:
Merciless Death -Evil in the Night
Death Angel – Killing Season
Warbringer – Waking Into Nightmares
‘Evil in the Night’ has immediate black/death feel to it. Buzzing tone is clear. It’s blistering with energy. Thick and savage. Raw and barely tamed. For me this was a fun record. Not a favourite though.
Death Angel. Damn do I love these guys. A band I knew of but never crossed paths with. While one part of me regrets this, another questions if I would have the passion for them I do now. Schrodinger’s metal. It’s heavy, groove ridden rifftastic wonderland. It’s stuck in my head. Thick, blinding and compelling. A personal highlight from this album (yeah lots have been beasted) was ‘Steal the Crown’. Damn that’s a fun track.
Warbringer I had heard but had got lost in my best of 2013 crusade. This brand of high tempo infectious death thrash is essential. Headbanging is not a question of if but when. Oh and dust off the air guitar. The solos are coming.



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