Geary of War: Mosh in May Part 1 – It Begins…

Posted: June 3, 2014 in General
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Last month, I set my good friend Paul a challenge; 31 records in 31 days, each a thrashtastic voyage into the headbanging void. His mission: to take notes and feedback for this site. I look forward to having him collaborate with me here now, as I spend a lot of time bouncing blog ideas off him, getting recommendations and giving recommendations. It is what metal is about, more than most genres; the passing of the knowledge. You always want to be the guy (or girl) who finds THE coolest new band, THE hardest new riff, THE most brutal song title. It’s amazing that in this ultra competitive sport of oneupsmanship, metalheads are mostly all friends. But anyway, Paul has sent me his first section for you to enjoy. Rock and fucking roll:

Mosh in May.
The Month of Thrash.
A subject alluded to in previous entries is the musical enlightenment journey that Sandy’s mammoth knowledge has been sending me on. I by no means live in a musical black hole but often realise that, goddamn it I missed stuff!! As a result I asked The Gatekeeper of Riffs to pick a thrash album a day for yours truly to wade into and report back with my musings. They won’t be a standard review so take it as read they all kick ass. This is my perception and selfish indulgence!!

The first three albums were:
Kreator – Coma of Souls
Sodom – Agent Orange
Dew-Scented – Impact
Kreator starts off with ‘When The Sun Burns’ which I noted as a “ripping opener” when jotting down my thoughts as it span. While the vocal delivery varied quite a bit I found the deeper growl worked best best showcased in ‘Terrorzone’ or ‘Mental Slavery’. This is a raw hook laden beast of a record. Sodom. In a word? Yes. Which I then underlined and followed with exclamation marks. If Sodom was a dinosaur they would be Riffasaurus Rex stomping about in an uncompromising groove. The vocals cast my mind to Venom which is not a bad thing at all. This gritty, heavy slab of thrash is a genre straddling colossos. I was aware of Dew-Scented but as can often happen I never got around to listening to them. Now that this blight on my thrash history has been corrected I can safely say they are a top band. This thick heavy slab of riffage is unyeilding. The hints of death metal cementing its savagery. As with Sodom this was marked with YES!! to highlight my enthusiasim for this band along with the reminder to go lift weighting or boxing on the bags with this soundtrack. Things will get done!
The following three were:
Evile – Infected Nations
Destruction – Spiritual Genocide
The Haunted – Versus
Evile have all the potential in the world. These guys understand thrash. Its groovy. Its heavy. Most of all its anthemic. You want to grab a beer and sing along. Simply put this a majestic record from a superb band. ‘Spiritual Genocide’ is a furious, snarling riff laden beatdown. Personal highlights include ‘Legacy of Past’ and ‘Riot Squad’. The catchy nature of the tunes makes them easy to fire back on. As to aggression? I have more weight lifting tracks. That should answer that question. The Haunted. If they needed explained then I feel sorry you have yet to be sonically assaulted with this astounding thrash/death metal titan. Versus almost feels an angry reminder of how brutal they can be after the superb, soul searching that was ‘The Dead Eye.’ In Pete Dolving, they had one of metal’s great vocalists and he goes to town here. Its a gym classic for me. Energy galore. Crank it.


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