Supporting random scenes: Middle (?) Asia (Part 1)

Posted: May 12, 2014 in General, Reviews, Supporting Random Scenes
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Now, the question mark is really because I don’t know how to refer to the area that includes India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh etc of which my most recent scene discovery is. Middle Asia? Indian subcontinent? Anyway, whatever it is referred to officially, I have found that, as with most places in the world, there is a thriving metal community with some pretty kick ass bands that deserve attention. So I did what seems to be the best way to find music these days; scoured Facebook and Bandcamp for acts.

My first find was a split between Pakistan’s Foreskin and Nepal’s Maowali. It’s only a track each, available on Bandcamp here. The Foreskin track is some catchy, propulsive hardcore/thrash with a very cool solo. Maowali’s track, ‘El Dhoti’ is another short, sharp burst of hardcore, sounding like a melting of Converge and Hatebreed. Cool stuff.

Next up is a band that appeared often in my searches, Binaash. A brutal and slightly unhinged deathgrind band from Kathmandu in Nepal, their debut record ‘Binaashkaari’ is available on Bandcamp here. Check out ‘Dheet’ as the track that’ll sum them up in roughly two and a half minutes of savagery. They are nasty.

My next pick are Necrodeity, who I can’t find any actual recorded music for but they have a number of live videos up on YouTube of them performing at some live events. They also do some sick Terrorizer covers here: . I think I’ll keep an eye on them, because they sound like they could have a lot of potential.

Blood Division, a Singaporean blackened d-beat band (their words, not mine) are a definitely highlight of my journey so far. They have a debut record in the works, and some of their demo material is still available. Listen here and prepare to accept them into your blackened hearts. ‘Razed in Nuclear Fire’ is another scorcher.

I’ll leave it there for tonight, but I shall return to these lands soon. They seem to have taken on the spirit of late 80s Brazilian metal with everything being raw and savage. It’s an exciting place to explore and promote, because every hard working metal band around the world deserves support. \m/


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