Review: Warbringer – War Without End

Posted: May 12, 2014 in Reviews
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In search of my thirty one albums to treat my friend to, I rediscovered Warbringer. I gave Geary their second record ‘Waking into Nightmares’ to sink his teeth into, but I’m enjoying what was my first taste of Warbringer, ‘War Without End’. In case you hadn’t guessed, its about war.

It’s also a hefty thick thrash record, full of galloping riffs and razor sharp hooks. Just what you want in a modern (2008) thrash record. This appeared after the ‘new old school thrash’ revivalist movement took hold in 2007, which gifted us with some great records (Evile’s debut being my personal favourite). ‘War Without End’ is nothing particularly spectacular, but as a debut record it is solid and raging. ‘Total War’ and ‘Systematic Genocide’ are a strong opening salvo, and there’s something decidedly Anthrax about ‘Dread Command’.

‘War Without End’ takes nods from all the genre classics, be it the rapid fire assault of ‘Hell on Earth’ adding some heft to Municipal Waste’s lightning attack, or the delicate picking at the start of ‘At the Crack of Doom’ taking lead from Metallica’s early work. There’s a large amount of Exodus worship in Warbringer, which of course is never a bad thing, but you do feel that, as a debut record, there is a lot of repetition and, well monotony is too strong a word as the songs are good but you know what I mean.

‘Beneath the Waves’ and ‘Instruments of Torture’ are probably my two favourite tracks here, the latter being a bruising thrash work out. When Warbringer are on form, like in these two tracks, they are blinding. Lightning leads, hooks galore and headbanging moments abound, and its these moments that allow the band’s talent to shine through. However, by this point in the album, the general repetitiveness of the tracks begins to become apparent. It’s not that there’s much wrong with them, its just there’s not much individuality between them.

‘War Without End’ is forty minutes of solid, if vaguely uninspiring thrash. Warbringer went onto great things with their follow up ‘Waking into Nightmares’ and the excellent ‘Worlds Torn Asunder’ after that, and the foundations of what make them fantastic now are clear to see on this record. The band hadn’t quite got the knack of fitting together the pieces here, but ‘War Without End’ is still worth your time as a decent thrash record.


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