Mosh in May: List building for friends

Posted: May 8, 2014 in General
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If there’s one thing I can do, its build lists of metal for people. My friend Paul, who will hopefully begin contributing to this site soon, has been a recipient of many of these lists over the months and years. Top 20 best death metal albums he hasn’t heard. Top 10 best power metal bands. Best supergroup records. The list(s) go on. But we’ve been doing Mosh in May this month. Basically, I pick 31 thrash records for him to get involved in, and he gives me feedback on them. It sounds condescending almost to say I’m educating the lad, but if there’s one thing I love to do, it’s get my friends into metal, and get more people to appreciate the awesome musicians out there.

Mosh in May is up to day 8, and so far, Paul has been spinning the following: Sodom (Agent Orange) Destruction (Spiritual Genocide), Dew-Scented (Impact), Kreator (Coma of Souls), Exodus (Bonded by Blood), The Haunted (Versus), Evile (Infected Nation) and Slaughter (Strappado). He doesn’t even know what pleasures I have lined up. Thrash from around the world. Old school classics and newer, but more obscure bands. This is what I do. Actually the most rewarding thing for me is getting to rediscover some of these records for myself. I forgot, for example, how good ‘Strappado’ was, or that Evile had such potential so early to be the reincarnation of 80s Metallica, of that Dew-Scented were a band I loved back in 2005.

I’ll keep making lists, and hopefully, when and if Paul becomes a contributor, he can let you know how I do. Mosh In May will probably become a yearly thing, as apparently I can never stop finding metal records to discover and enjoy


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