This link takes you to Loudwire’s choices for best metal songs of 2014 so far. Whereas I’m much more of an end of year guy, its a great starting point for where metal has been great this year (and its not even May yet). I decided to do a quick rundown of them all for you, and also to refresh myself on their awesomeness, as I'[m still catching up on records from last year, let alone this year.

Mastodon – High Road: What a teaser for the new record! It’s got that killer Mastodon propulsive thrust, so essential in making them the powerhouse they are, but never sacrificing the uber melodic choral flair they’ve developed over the past few records. Essentially, its what Mastodon in 2014 HAD to sound like, and it has raised my expectations a lot for ‘Once More ‘Round the Sun’

Insomnium – While We Sleep: I’ve been a big fan of this band for years, since their ‘Above a Weeping World’ record, and they score again with their triumphant mix of gloomy death/doom and melodic metalcore. Insomnium have emotion, and its a big hook for me. They weave some excellent gothic harmonies into their metal, and I look forward to getting a copy of their new record.

Septicflesh – Order of Dracul: Septicflesh are a brilliant prospect; symphonic death metal with epic orchestrations and terrifying aggression. They are heavy as fuck, and this track bodes well for the rest of ‘Titan’. Its got a lot to live up to, but if past efforts have shown us anything, its that Septicflesh can do it.

Triptykon – Boleskine House: Probably my most anticipated record of the year, ‘Melana Chasmata’ only needs to be half as dark, dense and twistedly evil as ‘Boleskine House’ and it’ll be the best record of the year.

Behemoth – Blow Your Trumpets, Gabriel: I believe I’ve waxed lyrical about this album enough. Stunning

Black Label Society – My Dying Time: It’s classic BLS, heavy bluesy riffs, pinch harmonics and the finest of Wylde’s soulful Layne Staley impression

Cynic – True Hallucination Speak: Cynic may have left the death metal behind, but ‘True Hallucination Speak’ is a signal that they remain one of progressive metal’s most awe-inspiring bands.

Arch Enemy – War Eternal: Ok, the new girl may not quite match up to Angela Gossow’s terrifying roar, but its a damn close one, and ‘War Eternal’ is a fine track of razor sharp melodeath that I hope is a signifier of what the new record will be. Gossow is gone, but the metal lives on. WAR ETERNAL!!

Agalloch  – Celestial Effigy: Agalloch have become one of those bands that mature and evolve on every record, making them a joy to listen to. Their new track is another example of how epic black metal and doom can mix with breathtaking results

Steel Panther – Gloryhole: This is fucking ridiculous. It’s also brilliant.

Trap Them – Salted Crypts: Nasty, visceral hardcore, Trap Them have been essential for years, and this track is no different.

Ringworm – Hammer of the Witch: Man, this track just slays. Aggressive, vicious and damn brutal. Exactly what you need in your life!

Hark – Palendromeda: A new prospect in stoner doom, and if this track is much to go by, it should be a bright future for these Welsh lads.


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