That moment….

Posted: April 5, 2014 in General
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You wanna know the exact moment I know that I really like an album? Not the moment where I slowly start nodding my head in approvement. Not the moment when I smile when I like a riff or a breakdown etc. Its the moment when I feel like I need to air guitar the SHIT out of a bit I’ve never heard before. That’s when its good, that’s when I know that this album, whatever it is at the time, is killer. I realised this the other night while listening to the Twilight of the Gods record ‘Fire on the Mountain’. Man, what a good record. It’s a magnificent combination of Manowar, Bathory and everything epic and metal as fuck in between. That moment when I felt like ripping out invisible oranges to ‘Sword of Damocles’ and the epic refrain ‘we are sons of the hammer!’

All my favourite songs and records give me that feeling. That moment when you move beyond a mere head nod along to a rhythm into a full on headbang at your desk. That moment when you know EXACTLY when the epic riff kicks in. That moment when you lift your horns to the sky and yell ‘POLARIS!’ Or whatever it is at the time. (I wrote this while listening to Rust in Peace you see…)

I apply this criteria to reviews as well. Music has to move me, both mentally and physically. It has to make me say fuck yeah, this kicks ass. It needs to engage some kind of reaction in me, some form of physical reaction, to be regarded as a good record. I’ve been given the pleasure of reviewing some cracking records for the Sleeping Shaman recently, and they’ve all done that in some shape or form. I’m STILL besotted with that Mount Salem record. I heard a song by Blues Pills the other day, ‘Devil Man’ it was called, and it fucking moved me. It was a sacred moment of ‘holy fuck, this is magic.’ I’ll link it below.

Make sure music moves you, and make sure you support the stuff that does. It doesn’t matter what kind of music you listen to, just make sure it can provoke feelings in you. Music is the greatest drug man ever created. Except for Bieber. He can burn in everlasting torment for all I care.


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