The Demise of Emperor

Posted: March 14, 2014 in General
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Emperor. One word in black metal that demands instant reverence. For all black metal is, and has become, nothing has ever come close to dethroning Ihsahn et all as the pinnacle of what can be achieved within the darkness and twisted malevolence of the genre. Name another band who have produced four records of such staggering influence over so much.

They disbanded in 2001 due to creative differences. Not the kind that normally plague bands and can lead to animosity etc. they simply felt they were moving in opposite directions as musicians and decided to lay Emperor to rest and move onto different things. How refreshing. None of this one member continuing on without the others. They even break up with class.

I’m writing this while listening to ‘Prometheus’, Emperor’s final recording. And I can hear the break up coming. ‘Prometheus’ is a spiralling maelstrom of blackened death metal. If you mixed Ihsahn’s excellent solo record ‘angL’ with the raging death metal of Samoth and Trym’s Zyklon project (particularly ‘Disintegrate’), you would find ‘Prometheus’. Composed entirely by Ihsahn, ‘Prometheus’ is a record of finality. A record where two styles clash and mesh for the final time. You would assume that a record born of such an opposition would be disjointed, broken, rubbish. ‘Promotheus’ is instead a triumph, balancing on the line between death, black and prog.

The Emperor is dead. Long live the Emperor

  1. Sam Merrifield says:

    Great post! Emperor is one of my favourite black metal bands, although we only have four albums from them, they are brilliant albums which will go down as some of the best in the genre.

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