Will It Be 10000 Days until the next Tool album??

Posted: March 6, 2014 in Band of the Day, General, In Remembrance
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Seriously Tool? I know an extended period between records is part and parcel of who you are, because it allows you to construct the best, and I mean BEST in progressive metal (seriously, there may not be a better prog metal record than ‘Lateralus’) but come on?! I’m currently listening to ‘10000 Days’, Tool’s 2006 magnum opus. A record of staggering heaviness and progressive wanderings. Polyrhythmic riffs judder from guitars, the bass and drums mesh together into a constant, earthshaking foundation, and James Maynard Keenan’s otherworldly voice is the icing on the cake. ‘Vicarious’ is probably my second favourite Tool song ever, after ‘Schism’ from ‘Lateralus’.

I first got into Tool when I saw the FUCKED up video for ‘Parabola’ on Kerrang TV when I was about 15. I had no idea what was going on, but it seemed cool and dark as fuck. They were a band that remained on my periphery for a few years; a friend lent me ‘Lateralus’ but I couldn’t get into it. I wasn’t ready for it. At the time, I was more into Korn, Metallica, Sabbath and Motorhead. Moody, epic prog metal was not for me. I appreciated their aesthetic, but they were impenetrable. I forgot about them and moved onto pastures new.

Until ‘10000 Days’ came along. ‘Vicarious’ rocked the shit out of me. It came at a time I was discovering bands like Meshuggah; bands that pushed the envelope and added some off kilter groove. I was hooked. I still love Tool. The latest is that in 2014 we will see a new Tool album. They will have to go far to beat ‘10000 Days’. The betting is that they will


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