It’s Time to Rediscover: Dark Tranquillity

Posted: March 2, 2014 in Time to Rediscover
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I fucking love Dark Tranquillity. That is a statement I can say now that I’ve ‘rediscovered’ them. In truth, I never really forgot about them, but they slid off my radar totally for the past few years when I was too busy hunting for the next Most Obscure Metal Ever (TM). Recently I saw that they’d had a new album out, and I thought ‘Well they’re an awesome band even though I don’t listen to them much anymore, better get a hold of it’.

‘Construct’ is said album, and man is it good! Dark Tranquillity have taken the path that their Gothenburg sidekicks In Flames SHOULD have taken; high quality melodeath with excellent songwriting. Ok, In Flames have probably made more money, have more fame and have (probably) written more of my favourite songs than DT, but DT have always written better overall albums. Most In Flames records are let down by a poor song or 4, but you will rarely hear a DT track that isn’t excellent. Their albums have always been of a high quality, from the vicious ‘Damage Done’ and glossy ‘Character’ back to the thrashy ‘Projecter’ and the stellar debut ‘Skydancer’. I first heard them in 2002, when I heard ‘Monochromatic Stains’ off ‘Damage Done’. Strange that I wasn’t too enamoured by the song at the time, but I thought they had a cool name and so I stuck with them. I saw them when they toured ‘Character’ in 2005, and ‘Lost in Apathy’ from that record is probably still my favourite DT song. They supported Chimaira on that tour, and they were much better than the headliners in my opinion. Chimaira were still pretty good back then too, so they must’ve been good.

My oldest surviving gig t-shirt is the Dark Tranquillity one I’m wearing right now in fact. You know those gigs you go to and think, well I’ll probably buy some merch but I’ll decide after I see the bands? Well, DT sold me on the first song. They were brilliant. I’ve actually lost the Chimaira shirt from that gig, but I still have the DT one, 9 years later. That’s the sign of a good band I think, one that you hold onto over the years because of the experience they gave you. Pick up ANY of their records to enjoy the best in melodic death metal, my personal recommendation is ‘Character’ but ‘Damage Done’ or ‘Fiction’ are also pretty good.


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