I do weird shit when deciding what to listen to on my iTunes. It’s a massive, unwieldy monster of over 60000 songs and most of the time, I’m stuck for what to start with. So this fine winter day, I decided to listen to bands starting with the letter V. Why V you may ask? Well, instead of providing any complicated answer using algorithms etc, I simply fancied some FUCKING Vader was in order. Then it came to me.

So I have had the supreme blessing of battering my ears with the cavernous, ugly death metal of Vasaeleth (‘Crypt Born and Tethered to Ruin), the vicious blackened thrash of Voidhanger (‘Wrathprayer’), wonderfully convoluted space thrash legends Voivod (‘Killing Technology’), Polish brutality (Vader – ‘Necropolis’), sadistic death metal (Vomitory – ‘Raped in Their Own Blood’) and avantgarde weirdness (Ved Buens Ende – ‘Written in Waters’).

So what have I learned about the letter V? Well, it is full of legends, of some fantastically warped music and some tremendous riffs. Oh, also I have a Vanessa Carlton song on here. I can’t remember why, but I THINK its a guilty pleasure. The shame. I’m going to listen to Nepalese grindcore now to try and suck up some kvltness once more…


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