Band of the Day: Winterfylleth

Posted: February 26, 2014 in Band of the Day
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Winterfylleth came to my attention the first time when ‘Forging the Iron of England’ was featured on a Terrorizer compilation. That’s a way I find out about a lot of bands. Thanks Tez. Anyway, that was a fine slab of heathen black metal, but I did not foresee them becoming probably my favourite black metal band of the past few years. That revelation came to me only a few short hours ago when I put on their second record, ‘The Mercian Sphere’.

This is a record that redeveloped my love of black metal. They are England’s answer to Drudkh; a band for which I also have much love. Winterfylleth are, for want of a better term, ‘heritage black metal’. They are not pagan black metal, because they speak to us on a deeper level than just tales of heathen days past, before Christianity took over etc etc. They are bands of the earth, of the woods and the land. This is primal bleakness, a celebration of the primitive and the ethereal.

Their newest record, ‘The Thredony of Triumph’ is another windswept masterpiece. Winterfylleth are a band that you MUST hear if you are to have any understanding of what black metal can become. This is the evolution of the genre, where plastic Satanism and church burnings are left behind, where artists can take inspiritation from the surroundings they are raised in. In Winterfylleth, Drudkh and others, we have a hope that black metal will continue to challenge, awe and repulse. We have Watain to drag the genre’s roots into the light of day and ensure reverence. We have Winterfylleth to show where it can go


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