I have been too busy to write a post, nor any of my reviews for Sleeping Shaman recently (SORRY LEE, I’M DOING IT NOW!!) and it only hit me tonight. So kicking off my productivity time, is my favourite records from the last week:

I really dig ‘The Mountain’ by Haken. They’re a British (London) prog metal band that have done something rather tasty with this record: a noodly, eccentric prog record that actually rocks hard in some places. It’s deliciously unpredictable, flashing from acappella singing to jarring time signatures with neither care nor abandon. It’s a great record, and you should find it.

I’ve also indulged my more brutal side and delved into two of my favourite death metal records of recent times, Cannibal Corpse’s ‘Kill’ and Hour of Penance’s ‘Sedition’. The former is STILL my favourite Cannibal record as it hones everything good about them into one vicious record. ‘Kill’ was one of the first death metal records I found to be perfectly palatable to what I was looking for in death metal. It came out the year after I first started appreciating death metal properly, and it was and still is a benchmark album for me.

Hour of Penance are a BRILLIANT band that people need to pay more attention to. They’ve not had a bad record, they are killer live, and ‘Sedition’ was one of the highlights of 2012. They should have been Italy’s great death metal band, but Fleshgod Apocalypse seemed to break out before them. Shame, because Hour of Penance are at LEAST as good, if a bit less inventive. Fleshgod are seriously good, and with Hour of Penance snapping on their heels, hopefully we could see some more good bands come out of Italy’s deepest, darkest areas.


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