Asphyx are fucking awesome. Why? If you’re asking that question, then you’re on the wrong blog and you should probably leave… If you haven’t left, then I’ll humour you for the time being. Asphyx are Dutch, they’re death metal (the brutal way) and they have in amongst their ranks one of my favourite death metal vocalists, Martin Van Drunen. He also growls like fuck in Hail of Bullets, World War II themed death metallers (also highly recommended).

What is also awesome about Asphyx is that they disappeared around 2000 before returning with a bang in 2009 with ‘Death… The Brutal Way’. Bands who go on hiatus or split up and then reform should be forced to listen to ‘Death… The Brutal Way’ on full volume repeatedly to show how comeback records should be fucking done. It is a lesson in quality death/doom, with the emphasis on death. It is relentlessly punishing, while never losing that slow, crushing riff.

If you need a reason to like this band, find debut record ‘The Rack’ or follow-up ‘Last Ones on Earth’. The latter contains my favourite Asphyx track, ‘Food for the Ignorant’. Then go for their latest, ‘Deathhammer’. Asphyx are proof that you can always rely on the old guard, especially with European death metal, to produce excellent new records that stand up with their classics. They Doom Us to Death


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