Band of the day: Misery Signals

Posted: February 7, 2014 in Band of the Day
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Misery Signals returned in 2013 from a 5 year hiatus with the stunning ‘Absent Light’. I first came across them in 2008 with the release of ‘Controller’. This is a record I loved when it first came out. ‘Controller’ eschews everything bad about this kind of metal, having a vocalist who is actually a really good singer for one. They also mix what I guess would lay the foundation for djent riffing, while ignoring the tendencies of most djent bands to be overly, well, ‘djenty’ about it. It’s a sound that is remarkably easy to identify yet hard to quantify.

Misery Signals are the predecessor to djent, and ‘Controller’ was a stunning benchmark for what progressive metal can become, without descending into noodly guitar workouts, unnecessarily long songs or pretentiousness. It combined great song writing, heavy riffs and a sense of the grandiose and epic. I fucking love that record, and I am glad that Misery Signals are back. Show some of these young pups how its meant to be done


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