What I Don’t Write is Frontier

Posted: January 15, 2014 in General
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I wanted to have New Year blog resolutions involving heavy metal, so I could look back at how many I DIDN’T achieve in January 2015, just like every year. But this year so far, I actually have managed to strike one off the list already: become a writer for an ACTUAL music site, rather than just on my one man show here. I answered an ad looking for new reviewers on The Sleeping Shaman and was accepted. I’ve only recently come across the site, but it contains some great writing on some great music, and I’m honoured to become a part of the community. I will re-publish my work from there here, but only after it’s appeared on their site first, out of professional courtesy. I’ve already finished my first piece for them, on Doctor Cyclops’ ‘Oscuropasso’ record, and without spoiling it, it’s a cracking record.

I’ve written my reviews for excellent metal community site Spirit of Metal and will probably continue to share some bits and bobs through that too. But I look forward to my new endeavour, and hope it’s going to be fruitful in both experience for myself and that the readers of the site get some good and responsible feedback on quality new music.


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