Band of the Day: Coldworker

Posted: January 11, 2014 in Band of the Day
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Coldworker are awesome. Well, were awesome. No, ARE awesome, even though they’ve split up. They debuted in 2006, led by former Nasum drummer Anders Jakobson, with ‘The Contaminated Void’. A vicious, if a bit repetitive, debut which blended classic Swedish death metal with savage grindcore to devastating effect. Their following records, 2008’s ‘Rotting Paradise’ and particularly 2012’s ‘The Doomsayer’s Call’ were vast improvements on the debut, with ‘Rotting Paradise’ standing out for me as a defining deathgrind record. They called it quits last year and went on to different bands and new pastures. But you should still pick up copies of their records, because they are no nonsense, brutal death metal affairs. It might seem odd to recommend a band that are no longer creating music as a band of the day. But they wrote a song called ‘They Crawl Inside Me Uninvited’. That’s pretty brutal, and so’s the song. Hail Swedish deathgrind!


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