Review: Cold Fell – Demo 2013

Posted: December 19, 2013 in Reviews
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Demo 2013 cover art

This is becoming a bit of a theme, but its leading me to some fantastic music. Following on from my discovery of Blind Spite and Helvellyn this year, I find myself discovering yet another English black metal demo to wrap my ears around. This one I found after I bought the new Caina demo tape through Church of Fuck Records, who then posted on their Facebook a link to their own band demo.

This is another black metal band from the North of England who do black metal, and a particularly atmospheric brand of black metal, extremely well. There’s only two tracks, and opener ‘Inter Ripam et Miseria’ comes creeping and crawling out of the gate, inching forward like a beast of darkness and dread. It’s a great example of how atmosphere can work so well in black metal. A solemn guitar floats out of the murk, melancholy notes maintaining that feeling of dread. It then explodes into a snarling, black metal fury, raging icy riffs cascading over your ears. It’s simple but effective. The other track ‘Onward to Helvellyn’ is another slice of more traditional black metal; the tremolo riffs, the savage shrieking and rattling drums bring to mind ‘Blaze in the Northern Sky’ era Darkthrone, and of course, there’s fuck all wrong with that. A slower mid section is reminiscient of early Satyricon and fellow countrymen Winterfylleth.

All in all this is a pretty good demo, the first track personally I feel is better and if they were to go ahead and record a full album then that approach is more appealing. Either way, there is definitely some promise lurking within these shores for bands like Cold Fell to step up and be recognised as a second wave behind the likes of A Forest of Stars, Winterfylleth and Fen. This demo is available as a digital download for the paltry sum of £1.50 on their bandcamp page.


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