Band of the Day: Paradise Lost

Posted: December 15, 2013 in Band of the Day
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I was reading an article in the next-to-newest Terrorizer magazine (my handy bible for all things metal-as-fuck) about Paradise Lost and how this was their 25th year of existence. Twenty five years is a very long time in heavy metal, especially for a band who play a style that for years was difficult to market and sell. Not because of the quality, hell no Paradise Lost have been producing excellent albums for a long time (with at least 3 stone cold classics). But gloomy doom metal with hints of gothic and lashings of melancholy? Hardly Top of the fucking Pops material. But they’ve been a band I’ve admired for a long time, seen twice live and listened to for years.

Strangely enough, I didn’t get into them through classic albums like Icon or Draconian Times, but through their more commercial self titled record from 2005. ‘Forever After’ from that record is a great song; catchy as fuck yet very gloomy. I then researched them and found copies of ‘Gothic’ and ‘Icon’ to get to know them better. I saw them support Opeth in 2007 (I think) in the ABC in Glasgow, and I was hooked on that shit. It was only a matter of time before more of their records became part of my collection.

But it was the songs that got me. Yeah, they’re a pretty miserable band (not as miserable as My Dying Bride of course), but they have written some seriously good songs. ‘Draconian Times’ is full of them. The newest record, ‘Tragic Idols’ is a great example of how good song smake a record feel special, not just atmosphere or technical wizardry. Paradise Lost’s influence stretches a lot further than just goth metal bands like Lacuna Coil et al. ‘Lost Paradise’ basically invented death/doom and ‘Gothic’ the same with gothic metal. They are considered as one of British doom’s great godfathers, alongside My Dying Bride and Anathema. They are worth investing time in, both on record and live, because they deliver everytime.

Records to buy: Gothic, Lost Paradise, Draconian Times, Icon, Tragic Idols


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