Shit What I Found on the Facebook III: Return of the Riff

Posted: November 29, 2013 in ALERT: Awesome new music
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Riffs are the flavour of today. Big chunky doom riffs, spazzy djent riffs, brutal fret shredding death metal riffs. RIFFS! Ok, calm blue ocean… Without riffs, metal is shit. Ok thats not true, but riffs are amazing. ACTUAL amazing. I write this while listening to some serious riffs, that explains my excitement.

First choice tonight is fucking Make Them Suffer. Probably my favourite Cannibal Corpse song, (just throwing it out there) and an Australian deathmetalcore band (10 points for new genre creation). Its a track from their 2010 EP ‘Lord of Woe’, called Weeping Wastelands. Its fucking brutal, very Black Dahlia Murder style overlaid with gothic piano tones and it is chock full of riffs. Like, hundreds. This is what focused, precision, modern death metal sounds like. If they lost the keyboards I wouldn’t complain, but they are used suitably sparingly here to be bearable. Keyboards are for black metal or prog, not for head caving brutality like this. Still, I fucking love it. \m/ Listen here:

Next is Norwegian doom lords Tombstones with their track ‘Supernoid’ from 2010’s Volume II record. I’m really upset at myself for not knowing about these guys sooner. They are seriously good. This track kicks in (after a suitably melancholic acoustic intro) with one of the best Sabbath/Candlemass esque riffs you’ll ever hear. EVER. If you had to show someone that didn’t know what doom was, you play this. Then properly educate them with the classics. This is a ten minute steamroller death trip; a sneak at what Electric Wizard sound like if you strip out the 70s haze and psychedelica. There are no vocals, but I swear you put Messiah Marcolin over this, you’d probably die from the awesome. It slays:

Finally, I’m leaving on a slightly lower note (no offence) with Temporal. An Australian…um…metalcore/deathcore/djent band? I’m not entirely sure. They have a new song called ‘Infinite’ out, and most of it is pretty badass. It’s got crazy ass djent riffing, deathcore breakdowns and clean choruses that are reasonably catchy. So far, so good. It even has a quiet, almost prog moment right in the middle, which is kinda different and cool. But then for a brief moment they go all Linkin Park (2:20), and that’s disappointing. Other than that, it kicks a reasonable amount of ass, the band have a good potential and hopefully it’ll happen for them:


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