Review: Blind Spite – Dethrone the Earth

Posted: November 25, 2013 in Reviews
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Well, after the Helvellyn demo I reviewed yesterday went live, I received word that there was at least another Cumbrian metal band that I should check out, Blind Spite. Being the person I am, I added it immediately to my long list of ‘shit to listen to’. But after seeing that the Helvellyn demo got me my biggest number of views on my blog since I started (23 motherfucker), and that local metal should be supported whenever possible, I decided that I’d jump them up the queue. Well done fellas, you’ve nipped in above the new Onslaught record and Apex Terror from Otargos. This better be good…

Fortunately, it is. ‘Dethrone the Earth’ is a blistering concoction of rumbling death metal and savage black metal fury. The opening track ‘Oblivion Embraced’ buzzes out of the gate with a very second wave Norwegian black metal riff before their crushing death metal influence comes into play. Vocally its back and forth between a belching, death metal low end and a vicious, black metal rasp. There’s something dissonant about the riffing, lending a unique quality to the music, almost like if Pestilence were black metal, and the expansive section just before the end of the song lets the listener breathe before the next wave hits them. ‘Epoch of Despondency’ has a deceptively ambient intro before another black/death battering occurs. Tracks like this remind me how good blackened death metal can be, when it becomes a sum of its parts rather than throwing black metal and death metal in a pot and hoping what comes out sounds good. Blind Spite have clearly honed their craft so that the monolithic crush of the middle section of ‘Epoch…’ feels right, rather than an extra idea thrown in.

The rest of the record follows with a similar level quality, from the raging blackened death maelstorm ‘This is Our Abomination’ through to the doomladen finale of ‘Dethrone the Earth’. It’s good to see a band experiment within death metal without becoming too technical and widdly, and keeping their black metal influence clear but not overbearing. I think these guys, with the right timing and record label, could be successful. They strike me as a band that could support someone like Behemoth or Belphegor and win some new fans. Let’s hope they can. I certainly will be picking up this CD when I get paid, and if you can afford a paltry £4 for some quality brutality, you should too.



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