Shit what I found on the Facebook

Posted: November 6, 2013 in ALERT: Awesome new music
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Facebook can be a terrible thing. But when you’re a music fan, it is a blessing in disguise. If you ‘like’ your favourite bands, you get updates on new albums, tours, merch and everything in between without so much as leaving the comfort of your chair. My new favourite activity is surfing through the hundreds of tracks uploaded and shared via the social network giant and sorting out their awesomeness so you don’t have to.

Every few days I’ll find the tracks that have ripped me a new earhole and list them here, so that you can become fans of these great bands and support them.

First off, Wisconsin death metal machine Jungle Rot have released a new video for’Ruthless Omnipotence’ from their newest record, Terror Regime. View it here: . They’re a great, reliable, no frills death metal band. Shows that all this widdly tech death nonsense is unnecessary when you’ve got a brutal riff or six in your repetoire.

Italian progressive metallers Nero di Marte have also released a new track from their self titled album, out now on Prothestic Records. Prosthetic are a pretty good label for quality bands, and they’ve got themselves another beaut here. ‘Time Dissolves’ is a remarkable track, mixing Gojira and Cynic  with dashes of post metal to brilliant effect. It’s one of the stronger debuts of the year, and its on my list of must buys for this year. Listen to the track here:

Swedish brutal death metallers Soreption have posted one of these new album teaser videos on their Facebook. Unfortunately its only a hodgepodge of riffs collected from different songs on their new record, and therefore is a bit difficult to assess. I’ll say this for them though, they certainly have some pretty tasty riffs so its probably worht looking out for when it’s released. Listen here:

Finally, another addition to the ever growing collection of tech death/djent bands that have sprung up in the wake of Tesseract and Periphery’s popularity, In Dying Arms. I don’t know much about them, but I must admit I have a soft spot for this style of tune; thick jarring riffs and brutal vocals, combined with epic melodies. Simply tasty. What I’ve heard doesn’t set my heart ablaze with desire for more but if you’re in the mood, it’s worth a listen:


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