Riff of the moment: Unearth – This Glorious Nightmare

Posted: November 6, 2013 in Riff of the moment

This is a column that I could literally do every ten minutes, but I’m currently half cut on Icelandic Pale Ale (Einstok, very nice btw) and I’ve got This Glorious Nightmare by Unearth on. I feel bad for Unearth, because they were lumped in with that metalcore nonsense at the turn of 2004, when they actually turned out to be a pretty quality modern thrash band. I first enjoyed their chunky brand of headbanging riffage when I heard ‘The Great Dividers’ from 2004’s ‘The Oncoming Storm’. Frankly, I thought it was ace, and still do, so when they released ‘III: In the Eyes of Fire’ in 2008 I was overjoyed. They’re pretty meat and potatoes chugging thrash riffs that it doesn’t take a virtuoso to wirte but fuck it, they slay. Seriously, they riff like few others, and the fact that they rarely wander off into melodic singing nonsense wins them major brownie points.

The simple point of this post is listen to Unearth. The last album I heard by them was ‘The March’, and I was disappointed by it. But ‘The Oncoming Storm’ and ‘III: The Eyes of Fire’ are quality, modern thrash records, full of pure, headbanging chug genius. I love it, and you should too.

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