Review: Revocation – Empire of the Obscene

Posted: November 6, 2013 in Reviews
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Revocation are one of those kind of bands that come along rarely; one you’ve never heard of but within a track or two you’ll want to hear so much more. I believe I got into them after hearing a track from ‘Empire of the Obscene’ on a Terrorizer free CD. To be honest I’ve got no idea exactly how I ended up listening to this record, but it is a watermark in quality thrashing death metal.

Opening track ‘Unattained’ contains everything you want in a first track. Raging from the get go, we’ve got galloping thrash riffs coupled with a thundering bassline and machine gun drumming. ‘Tail from the Crypt’ has awesome dual guitar harmonies breaking through the relentless deaththrash assault, and throws in some prime Kreator-esque technical sections. In fact, the Germans thrash kingpins are who Revocation remind me of the most. Soloing is fluid and impressive without overindulging in guitar wankery, the way solos should be. The instrumental ‘Alliance of Tyranny’ shows off every melodic muscle the band have at their disposal.

Normally it’s rare to find a band that can hit such a high mark with its opening two tracks and maintain that standard throughout the rest of their records. Revocation solve this problem by combining many different elements into their arsenal. Whether its the stop/start nature of ‘Exhumed Identity’, which brings to mind ‘Carnival Diablos’ era Annihilator, or the straight forward brutal attack of ‘Empire of the Obscene’, Revocation mix it up frequently enough that the album remains interesting without becoming too disjointed. Most of the songs are over 5 minutes, but none overstay their welcome. Stand out track for me personally is ‘Fields of Predation’, a really fantastic ‘riff track’, full of twisting guitar lines and an excellent solo.

If you’re looking for a top quality death/thrash band, look no further than Revocation. This is a band that can show most other metal bands how to write sleek, memorable songs in their sleep. Long may they reign over their obscene empire.


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