New Nachtmystium Track posted

Posted: November 5, 2013 in ALERT: Awesome new music
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This is where you will hear the new Nachtmystium track ‘Voyager’, newly released to stream by Blake Judd, troubled frontman of the US black metallers. He has been in the news recently a lot for being arrested on theft charges, whcih led to loads of people coming forward to claim he didn’t send merch that was paid for and all other such things. I’m not here to give my two cents on that; Judd has struggled with drug addiction and it led him to do stuff he now regrets and apologises for. Whether that appeases the folk he caused issues for, who knows? Knowing the vitriolic keyboard warriors that haunt the interweb forums, probably not.

But what is truly gratifying is the fact he has repaid his supporters with a new track. The new album won’t be out until next year, so this will have to whet my appetite for some new music from them. Nachtmystium became known to me when I heard a few tracks from their ‘Instinct: Decay’ record in 2006. I wasn’t a great black metal fan then, but grew to enjoy that record, before the double whammy of Assassins and Addicts became essential listening for me. I saw Nachtmystium play in a tiny venue in Glasgow called Ivory Blacks a few years back, and they were great. Their pyschedelic, hypnotic take on black metal was eye opening to me as to exactly what the genre was capable of (until that point I’d mainly listened to what would be considered as ‘trve’ black metal), and they were responsible for me checking out loads of US black metal bands that I’ve gone on to calss as some of my favourites.

Hopefully Judd can take this new path to releasing a great new album and reinforce the band’s musical legacy, whcih will no doubt be tarnished by this incident. But hey, if you like Burzum records yet think Vikernes is a tit (i.e. like me), then I’m sure you’ll get past this.

(P.S. the track is ripping by the way)


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