Band of the Day: Bolt Thrower

Posted: November 5, 2013 in Band of the Day
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I have a shit load of respect for Bolt Thrower. Not only are they the least geeky thing that involves the Warhammer universe, they write riffs that could bulldoze most bands out of the industry altogether. They wrote 8 great albums, with at least three being certifiable masterpieces (Realm of Chaos, In Battle There is No Law, Those Once Loyal) and having a song so brutal it’s my alarm clock (World Eater).

But the main reason I respect them so much is what they’ve done since Those Once Loyal. Which is play gigs and that’s about it. The band effectively retired the recorded side of their music after 2005 as they had reached their goal of writing the ‘perfect Bolt Thrower album’. Unbelievably refreshing in a genre where bands overstay their welcome album after album and just get poorer (I’m looking at you Mustaine, and that giant pile of cock that Super Collider is). Luckily for them, Those Once Loyal was absolutely brilliant, and The Killchain is such a good song it became my blog name.

Even their gigging is few and far between, and therefore allows them to be a treat for fans. You could never get sick of seeing them live, because if you’re lucky you’ll see them once every three four years. It gives them and their music an integrity and a special feeling that most bands could only hope to achieve.

So when I picked them for my inaugural band of the day, it wasn’t simply due to their fantastic music, or that ‘World Eater’ blows most death metal songs out of the water within the first 2 seconds of THAT opening riff. I picked them because their conviction should be admired, and respected.

Riff to worship: couldn’t be anything other than the ominous rumble of World Eater (Realm of Chaos track 8)


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