Opening Salvo: Those Once Loyal

Posted: November 4, 2013 in General

This is intended to a rebirth of my old blog, which never really got much traffic, and only really satisfied myself as an outlet for my ramblings. The name has a double meaning; first it is a tribute to Bolt Thrower, an awesome UK death metal act who, in 2005, released their last album ‘Those Once Loyal’. It is also an allusion to the fact that I took a long break from blogging and reviewing due to an increase in my workload at my old job, and a general apathy with what I was doing. People liked what I wrote, but not many folk got to read it, and as I got further behind on reviewing, I was less and less interested in catching up. I was one of Those Once Loyal, and it deserted me.

But now I am reinvigorated by friends, records and an ever growing collection of music. Those Once Loyal is now to become a whirlwind of opinions, reviews, live reviews, band of the day choices and anything else I find that is even remotely revelant. Worship the riff \m/


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